Hail Damage Roofing Experts

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Damage from hail can wreak havoc on roofing systems if you don’t address it quickly. Let DR Roofers perform hail damage roof repairs so your structure can withstand all of the natural elements. Give us a call if you suspect hail damage and need a professional roof inspection to confirm it. 

How Hail Storms Impact the Quality of Your Roof

Despite being known as the Sunshine State, Florida can receive plenty of severe weather, including powerful hail storms. Ice pellets don’t have to be large to damage your roofing system since the force of them falling from the sky can penetrate the frame of your roof. 

Hailstones can dent or create small holes in your roofing materials. When this happens, you’re prone to water damage and roof leaks which can require further repairs. Your roof won’t last as long if it sustains hail damage that you fail to address. 

For peace of mind, have a roofing contractor assess the damage right away. Request a free inspection from DR Roofers hail damage specialists today.

Schedule a Hail Damage Roof Inspection Immediately After a Storm

If a hail storm impacts your home or commercial property, reach out to DR Roofers for a professional inspection. Our knowledgeable contractors know how to spot signs of hail damage and make a plan for repairs. Don’t delay having an inspection since your roof may spring a leak or start sagging due to hail damage.

How to Receive Roof Repair Insurance Coverage After a Hail storm

After a contractor evaluates your roof, file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider. Most policies offer coverage for either roof replacement or repairs due to storm damage, including destruction from hail. Our contractors work with adjusters to sort out all insurance claims and agree on the extent of repairs. 

Once the insurance company approves your claim, we’ll begin the restoration process. Our team works efficiently on every project so you can have a sturdy roof over your head quickly. 

Receive Superior Storm and Hail Damage Roof Repairs in Central Florida

At DR Roofers, we specialize in repairing residential and commercial roofs from water, wind, and storm damage. If you need a reliable roofing contractor to assess your structure’s integrity after a hail storm hits Central Florida, we’re the right team for the job. 

Give us a call at (321) 802-9100 (Brevard County) or (407) 887-5544 (Central Florida) to schedule a roof inspection and begin the repair process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people ask us about dealing with hail-damaged roofs. Find out answers to the most common questions below. 

Should I Replace My Roof After a Hail Storm?

You will likely need roof repairs after sustaining hail damage. If the damage is extreme or your roof is near the end of its lifespan, it’s wise to replace the roof

Can Pea-Sized Hail Damage Roofs?

Pea-sized hail won’t cause immediate damage but frequent storms producing small ice pellets can cause roofing materials to wear. 

What Is the Best Roof for Hail Damage?

Metal roofs resist hail better than other materials but they aren’t entirely immune to damage.