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Has your roof recently experienced serious damage after severe weather? You’re probably wondering the best way to file a roof insurance claim and get the necessary roof repairs or roof replacement completed. At DR Roofers, our roofing contractors can help you navigate the process and increase the chances you’ll obtain a favorable settlement.

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Why are we the area’s first choice for roof repairs and working with insurance companies? We always produce quality results and our customers love our consistent and honest communication. We complete our work efficiently so you’ll experience little disruption from your daily life.

We treat our home as if it were our own and always clean up after ourselves. Besides the restored quality of your roof, your home will look like we were never there.

Roof Insurance Claim Damage Coverage

What kind of damage can a roof insurance claim reimburse you for? In general, an insurance policy won’t cover wear and tear or neglect on your roof, but it will cover the following:

Navigating the Insurance Claims Process for Roofs

What happens when you’re filing a roofing claim for insurance?

  1. Contact insurance: If you notice severe damage on your roof after a storm, contact your insurance. Then, file your roof claims and reach out to us for help.
  2. Schedule an appointment: Your Insurance adjuster will schedule a time to inspect your damage. They’ll determine how much work you need and the reimbursement you’ll receive under your policy.
  3. Statement and check: If they accept your claim, the company will give you an official statement about the work you need and the cost. You’ll receive a check for the depreciated value of your roof.
  4. Final invoice: With the work complete, we and your insurance company should send you final documentation about the work we performed and what you and your insurance paid.

Contact DR Roofers for Help Navigating Insurance Claims

When you need help with roof insurance claims, DR Roofers can put your mind at ease. With extensive experience, unparalleled knowledge, and unsurpassed technique, we always leave our customers satisfied with our work. We’re passionate about keeping your home and family safe with quality roofing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about the insurance claims process for roofs.

Does Insurance Cover Blown Off Shingles?

Insurance should cover blown-off shingles, provided severe winds caused the damage and you don’t have a wind exclusion in your policy.

Will My Insurance Company Replace the Whole Roof?

Your insurance company may replace the whole roof if they deem the extent of the damage severe and the roof totaled. In other cases, they may only replace the necessary sections of the roof.

Who Receives the Money From an Insurance Claim?

The homeowner usually receives the money from the roof insurance claim, but they must use it to pay a contractor to repair the roof. In some cases, the insurance company may pay the contractor directly.